5 things you do everyday that ruin you hair!

Loosing hair or having a receding hairline is not something that happens overnight, it takes days or months or sometimes years together to happen and you should avoid it while you can. Here are 5 things that you might be doing on a daily basis that has been ruining the health of your hair over time.

  1. Using a comb/hair products on wet hair: Never comb your hair or use any kind of product on them when they are wet. Dry them with a soft towel and then set them the way you want.
  2. Over usage of hair styling products: This is the most common mistake that men are doing. Use hair styling products like wax, gel, spray etc. only during special occasions and not on a daily basis.
  3. Over usage of shampoo/conditioner: Do not use shampoo or conditioner for more than 2 times a week. At the end of the day they contain chemicals that will ruin your hair over time.
  4. Usage of blow dryers: Use blow dryers only while styling your hair using hair styling products, which means occasionally. Also, try keeping the heat moderate and the dryer away from your hair. (one feet is a safe distance)
  5. Hair wash with hot water: Another common mistake is washing hair with hot water. Hot water opens up the pores on your scalp which results to hair fall. Always use cold or lukewarm water for washing your hair.

If you’ve been making any of these 5 mistakes, stop them right away and save your hair!

That's all folks!
Hope this was helpful
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