Street shopping 101

Tired of spending money in malls and stores? You should definitely try street shopping. Although street shopping is not a go to option all the time , but you can give it a try once in a while. You need to have good bargaining skills or have someone along with you who can bargain. Some of the best markets are found in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bangalore.

When should you consider street shopping?

The quality of the clothes sold on the street is of course low, consider buying them only if you are really tight on budget and need that only for a short term. When you think that a specific style which is currently trending but won’t be a trend in the coming days, that’s the time when you should consider buying it from a flea market.

Things to remember:

  • Bargain as much as possible.
  • First explore the entire market then buy.
  • Do not buy stuff that has spelling errors. You don’t wanna embarrass yourself wearing an ADIBAS t-shirt.
  • Avoid buying shoes, invest in good quality ones.
  • Check the stitching thoroughly.

Best flea markets in India:

  1. Colaba cause way, Mumbai
  2. Fashion street, Mumbai
  3. Linking road, Mumbai
  4. Commercial Street, Bangalore
  5. Anjuna night market, Goa
  6. Sarojini market, Delhi
  7. Bapu bazar, Jaipur
  8. New market, Kolkata
  9. M.G Road, Pune
  10. Pondy Bazaar, Chennai

So next time when you are in any of these cities, go street shopping and grab some amazing outfits for yourself.

That's all folks!
Hope this was informational.
Thank you for reading and follow me on instagram @styling_with_dk for more...

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